The Difference Between Juicing and Blending

Juicing has become the rage as more and more people realize the benefits of filling their body with nutrient-dense, fresh juice. At The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy, we are regularly asked about juicing, what the benefits are, how it works, and if it is the same as using a blender. Since most people only have a blender at home, it seems as though using a blender or juicer would be the same but it’s not.


When you blend fruits and vegetables, all of the ingredients will remain in the blender. You will receive the nutrients when you drink it along with the fiber. You should receive slow released, sustained energy by drinking this and can include whatever fruits and vegetables you want when blending.


The reason that juicing can be better for you is that the nutrients and the fiber are separated. As a result, your drink is supercharged. You could drink double the amount of vegetables by juicing as you can from blending because fiber is thick. When you remove it, you can add a greater number of vegetables and benefit from the increased nutrients. The other benefit is that you will not feel as full and you will experience fast-release energy. If you are feeling tired or sluggish and need a boost, juicing can give that to you.

Visit Our Juice Bar

Juicing daily can help you to become more energized and healthier. If you want to try a fresh green juice before buying a juicer, stop by our juice bar. This is the easiest way to incorporate green juice into your diet since you can stop by on the way to work or on your lunch break. At our pharmacy, we have watched as many of our clients report a drastic improvement in their health and quality of life as a direct result of juicing, taking supplements and approaching life from the perspective of gaining complete health.

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